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What is Titan Vehicle Protection?

Titan is a comprehensive Road Hazard and Cosmetic Protection Program designed for all customers including lease, finance, pre-owned and cash customers who care about protecting their vehicles appearance and value. In addition, Titan was designed to eliminate the risks and worry of any additional expenses that incur from driving a car such as a tire and rim damage from hitting a pothole, or losing your expensive keys/remotes. Road Hazards and Cosmetic Damage are common, costly and unpredictable. Whenever you are driving in Canada or the US, you’ll enjoy the secure feeling of knowing that you are protected and will experience the convenience of getting fast response and excellent service in time of need.



  • 12 - 84 months of coverage available
  • Available for New & Used Vehicles
  • 5 levels of coverage available in both the Preferred & Premium Titan packages including: Standard, Option 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Additional Options to upgrade your Titan package include Collision Trade-In Protection, Interior Protection, Wheel Cosmetics, and Run-Flat Tire Protection.
  • Fast and Straight forward claims process (handled in ON, Canada)
  • Competitive pricing with extensive benefit limits
  • Superior Customer Service, including support and training and product knowledge
  • Vast Brand Awareness
  • Large and Loyal Dealer Base


Tire & Wheel Protection

Repair and Replacement of damaged tires / wheels due to a road hazard. Unlimited claims and claim amounts!

Wheel Cosmetics

Repairs of cosmetic damage to alloy wheels including unsightly scuffs and scrapes, caused by a road hazard. E.g. Potholes, Debris, etc.

Key & Remote Replacement and Reprogramming

Coverage is provided for the replacement of keys and remotes in the event that your key and/or remote is lost, stolen or damaged.

Dent & Paint Protection

Coverage is provided for the repair of minor dents and ding as well as resurfacing paint damage.

Windshield Repair Protection

Coverage is provided for the repair of minor chips and cracks to the front windshield.

Windshield Replacement (available with Titan Option 1, 3 & 4)

Coverage is provided for the replacement of the front windshield which becomes chipped or cracked due to a road hazard and cannot be repaired.

Headlight and Taillight Protection

Coverage is provided for the repair or replacement of headlights and or taillights in the event that they have become damaged due to a road hazard.

Car Rental Reimbursement

Coverage is provided for the rental of a vehicle where the covered repair requires the vehicle to remain at the dealership or repair facility for greater than one (1) day.

Interior Protection

Coverage is provided for accidental rips, tears or burns to the upholstered seats of the vehicle and for the cleaning of spills.

Collision Trade-In Protection(available with Titan or Standalone)

When your vehicle has been involved in a collision, even a minor one, its trade in value will decrease. In the event that your vehicle suffers physical damage and a claim is paid by the vehicle insurer, a benefit equal to the lesser of 15% of the physical damage claim or $2500 will be paid to the customer at the time the Vehicle is traded-in at a licensed motor vehicle dealership.

Run-Flat Tire Protection

Coverage is provided for the repair or replacement of the vehicle's tires and wheels which become Unserviceable due to a Road Hazard during the contract.